The Robociti Open Python Challenge!

Test your Python skills and earn fame and prizes! Take the Open Python Challenge on Robociti, complete the Python programming language tasks in the shortest time you can and compete with other users on Robociti to earn recognition among the Robociti community and RoboCoins you can spend on courses or robotic hardware!

The Challenge

Python is one of the most commonly used programming languages nowadays. Despite its simplicity, Python is a very powerful, not only used for general purpose, but also for high-level programming. It can be used for software and web development, data analysis and visualization, but recently it has become very popular for robotics and machine learning as well, making Python a great asset in the arsenal of every Robotics and AI engineer!

Take Robociti Python courses (link) or use your existing knowledge to build up your Python level and take on the Robociti Open Python Challenge to test your skills. Take on a series of tasks of increasing and program your Python solutions in the shortest time you can. According to the robustness of your solution and the time it took you to provide it, you will receive an evaluation score and earn a spot on the Challenge Leaderboard!

The top 3 users each month earn RoboCoins to spend on Courses (link) they want to purchase on Robociti, or hardware and other products on Robociti’s Marketplace (link)! So get your Python game on, and start the Challenge!

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PRIZES Python Competition

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My solution could answer correctly the cases shown in the template of the competition. Why could I only get 10 out of 30?

Oh, I think I figured it out.
Although my early code could face the simple example solutions, there were some edge cases and exceptions my code couldn’t deal with. I’ll try with a better solution for next month.

pls is there any way I could take the competition again?

pls I need to take it again :pray:t2:

Hey @ademolaadebiyi, Free users can only take the Open Python Challenge once a month, you can retake it next month, but maybe some challenges will be different. Come back and try your improved skills!

ok @sot, I will take it next month

Hey everyone!

We have launched a version of our Python Competition with new Challenges!
Go check it out: