"Life after COVID-19: The New Normal with Robotics and AI" Competition on Robociti

Create Robotics and AI–based solutions to overcome COVID-19 and make life better in the post-COVID era!
Attract the community’s attention and our expert team’s good evaluation with your innovative and creative project to win cash prizes, robot kits and RoboCoins!

The Challenge

2020 has been anything but easy or conventional, with the major problems arising from the threat of COVID-19, but spreading on to how humanity restructures itself to move forward. Taking advantage of the advances in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, however, humans have found innovative ways to stay safe, and reorganize their realities to not only achieve the same results as before, but also to improve their productivity and efficiency, making their lives better and setting the foundations of a new and improved reality!

Now it’s your turn to create new solutions to help humanity deal with COVID-19, but also to go one step further and create an even better new normal by using the new tools and methods that modern Robotics and AI can provide.

Your project must be have the potential to affect the lives of millions of people, and its purpose must be clear to the greater public, and that is why apart from its quality judged by our team of experts, its success will depend on how many people in our Robociti Community find it useful and Like it!


Your solution should focus on one of the areas that have the greatest impact using Robotics:

  • HealthTech related hardware or software projects that can help people stay safe and healthy during and after the COVID-19 crisis
  • Optimization projects related to the workplace, goods circulation, remote services
  • Projects that focus on improving people’s quality of life in the post-COVID era
  • Other (show us what we haven’t thought of yet)


You need to create a Project including all the information about your solution and its applications and post it on the community section of Robociti.

Although not mandatory, apart from the description and analysis of your project and its applications, you should also create a software/hardware prototype of your solution that can display the basic functionalities of your solution and provide proof (code snippets, demo videos) of its function. If you have an existing project in a later phase, you can also take part with that project, as long as it is not yet been commercialized. For more information, please check the competition Rules.

** Competitions starts on September 17, 2020 at 00:00AM GMT**

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Can’t wait to see the exciting projects the Robociti community comes up with! :grin::grin:


i can’t wait also. i am going to win.