Introduction to Drones

Dear Concern,

I have completed my course on introduction to drones but I didn’t get my certificate, in the last step, it’s showing a dashboard in which it’s showing 83% completed, submit code to complete it, where to submit code and what kind of code I have to submit.

Naheed Khan

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Dear Naheed Khan,

The course “Introduction to Drones” is a free introductory course and does not include a certificate at this point. The 100% completion bug of this course should also be fixed by now.
Thanks for your interest in Robociti and we hope you continue your journey in Robotics and AI on our platform!

The Robociti Team

Don’t worry I will help you

Dear Robociti Team,
I have completed my Python basics for AI and Robotics 1 and it is a paid course that comes with certification. I did not receive any certificate after completing my course.

Pranav Chandra


Thanks for your question @PranavChandra,it represent a great contribution for us however it is not related to the current topic. We will therefore elevate your question as a topic on his own and reply it over there. The topic can be find here