How to troubleshoot robot connection issues

How to troubleshoot robot connection issues ?

  • Your robot must be connected to internet
  • Your robot and your computer must be on the same wifi
  • You must have registered your robot (follow the steps here:

Inside a course:

If your robot is not visible in the list of selectable robots, first verify the previous steps, then contact the support

If you can select your robot but your get connection error messages when trying to interact with it:

  • Click on your name on the top right corner of the page
  • Then click on show terminal
  • Then click on connect
  • If the terminal load, the connection is established
  • If the terminal doesn’t load or you get an error message, click on settings
  • Then scroll to the bottom of the modal and click on OPEN WEBTERM IN NEW TAB
  • If you see a terminal in the new tab, then the browser has an issue to connect to the robot through the platform. You can try with another browser first, then contact the support
  • If the new tab doesn’t load the terminal, this means the robot is not reachable or the software on it has issues
  • If you are 100% sure you and the robot are on the same wifi, this might be a wifi/routeur configuration issue. Try on another wifi. If you know how to use terminal commands, try to ping the robot local ip from your computer. If the ping command can reach the robot, then the software on the robot has an issue and you can contact the support. If the ping command cannot reach the robot but both the robot and your computer have internet access, then it might be a routeur setting so you can contact the support

Contacting the support:

Please follow the troubleshooting steps and communicate in your message at which step you got stuck. Any screenshots/photos of the problem will greatly help in the resolution of your issue.

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