How to get started in the Household Robotics Challenge

  1. What is the household robotics and AI challenge?
    The Household Robotics & AI Challenge is an innovation and project competition where you can create Robotics & AI solutions for the home in order to improve living conditions and facilitate household tasks.

  2. What kind of projects can I create?

  • Smart home-related automation that can assist or replace humans doing housework chores.
  • Robotic solutions that replace manual labour.
  • Projects that focus on improving people’s lives at home.
  • Fun or entertainment solutions based on Robotics & AI for the home.
  • Other (show us something innovative we haven’t thought of yet).
  1. How will your project be evaluated?
    Your project must have the potential to affect the lives of millions of people, and its purpose must be clear to the greater public, and that is why apart from its quality judged by our team of experts, its success will depend on how many people in our Robociti Community find it useful and Like it!

  2. What are the prizes I can win?

  • 1st place winner: $200
  • 2nd place winner: 2000 RoboCoins (that can be used to purchase courses or hardware on Robociti)
  • 3rd place winner: 1000 RoboCoins (that can be used to purchase courses or hardware on Robociti)
  1. What are my deliverables?
    You need to create a Project including all the information about your solution and its applications and post it on the Community section of Robociti.

Although not mandatory, apart from the description and analysis of your project and its applications, you should also create a software/hardware prototype of your solution that can display the basic functionalities of your solution and provide proof (code snippets, demo videos) of its function.

  1. Competition timeline

Competition Begins - Popularity Competition Begins
March 1st, 2022 at 00:00AM GMT

Submissions Close
May 29th 2022 at 11:59 PM GMT

Submission Evaluation
May 30th - June 5th, 2022

Popularity Competition Ends
June 5th, 2022 at 11:59 PM GMT

Winners announced by:
June 6th, 2022